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Learning about peas development, these are my very first.

I have a young IB male pea chick ,at what age will he start getting his blue colored neck and head?

He is getting alot of green feathers at the back of his neck ,so are the girls really pretty.

Thank you.
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Most blue males will start to get color about a year old, but if it is getting green feathers by the neck it could be a hen. Pictures would be great and helpful.
Ok i took some photos.
here is the male on the right the one on the left is a female from what i read here.


This female has green on her neck also but it did not show up in the photo like the male did,in the first photo i just could not get the right lighting in there and they did not want to come out.


My pea's were hatched in july
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His colors will fill in for a while. As he gets older he will still have white feathers here and there normally until finally he will be all blue on the neck which normally is about a year old. The male has white flight feathers in that first picture, so that means he is split to something. Most likely he is split to white, meaning he caries the white gene so if he is breed to a pied they will have all pied chicks if I am correct.
nice birds , you got the sex right, male colored alot liks a hen (green neck) until he start getting his feathers in late summer of his first year.
Thank you for the replies they were very helpfull.

I know i have 3 females for sure, but i am not sure if the white one is male or female, so if they are all females is that to many hens for 1 male?
No, 4 peahen per 1 peacock is good. He may not breed all four as a 2 yr old, but I had 2 yr take care of 4 hens before.

He doesn't look like a dark pied, just split white. So if mated with the pied you will not get all pied. Now if your white is a hen, you will get some white chicks from them.
Oh oops that is right, forgot about that if they are split to white you can't get all pieds with them, it is only dark pied. Lol sorry about that I got mixed up. Uh I should just keep my mouth shut.

I hope you have fun with your cute peachicks!

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