Head Hen Too Much Testosterone?

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    My head hen, Bella, is a great leader. She reminds the other 3 she IS the boss, but she's not overly aggressive or mean about it at all. She's the first to alert when she hears or sees anything "not normal". Over the last few months I've noticed she's grown spurs. Not very big, but definitely noticeable. She molted about 2 months ago and her feathers are all grown in but she still has not started laying again. Just wondering if she's taking her time getting back to laying or if this whole "growing spurs" thing is interfering with her egg laying. She (and my other hens) are about 18 months old. She's a cuckoo marans and she'd gone broody on me 3 times this past summer. She has always been a reliable layer, laying about 5 large dark brown eggs a week. They were all dewormed 4 weeks ago. Anyone have any experience with this?
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    If you don't have a rooster one of the hens plays role of rooster in their place.

    This can affect their laying
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    I was afraid of that. Oh well, eggs or not she's still a great addition to the flock. Will this harm her physically though? If she's got eggs that need to be laid and she's not laying will this cause egg binding or internal laying?
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    Bella started laying again! Took her 5 months but she's laid 2 out of the last 3 days now. That's awesome, as she's a great guardian for the others-best boss hen I could hope for-and I was pretty sure she'd stopped laying forever since she moulted and grew spurs. Of course, if she never laid another egg she'd still be secure in a good home as she's "family" n all [​IMG]
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    Oh.. update on Bella. She occasionally crows now too. She lays rarely, but she lays. Molting at the moment and totally miserable in our 100-106 degree heat. They have fans blowing across ice blocks and I hose down the grass and the coop roof. The run has a roof and sunblock on the south and west sides. My 2 Welsummer pullets seem fine. Poor 5 yr old birds not so fine.
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    Great updates over 3 years.

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