Head room for Roost. Help!

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  1. How much head room is needed above the roost? My girls seem to be bouncing off the roof when they try to get on the roost which is about 30" off the floor. Thanks![​IMG]
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    Well, when you think about it, if your hens are flying up to the roost, they're going to fly up higher and then land on the roost. So you really need that roost to be about a yard (36 inches) below the roof, I would say. Now, if you have something like lower roosts or a sort of ramp or ladder that they will hop up, you probably won't need that much space.....
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    If you have the space, you could always add a lower roost/step. In watching mine, they seem to prefer hopping as opposed to flying, or walking up a ramp. Add them a roost just below the main one and their hop up to the roost won't need to be so high (maybe eliminating the head-bumping).

    [Edit] I guess I should have read chicmom's last sentence in her post! [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Thanks. My coop is 46" high on the High side and 40 on the low side. I dropped the roost to 22" Just above the PoP door. guess I will add a ladder.
    had first egg today.
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    Another thing to remember is to make allowance for ventilation in winter that is draft-free. That usually means at least two feet above the chickens head to the bottom of the vents.

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