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    Nov 26, 2018
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    Hello all...i really get distressed when i don't know what chickens naturally do so i figure there is something wrong. My chickens have been fine...they are active and eating and drinking. They are being treated for Coccidiosis and seem fine.

    Maybe this is normal behavior maybe i am over reacting....

    Chickens will be doing what chickens do...walking around and randomly shake their head quickly and what sounds to be a light blowing of air from their nostrils. Its not constant head shaking and air blowing one after the other its like...the chicken is walking around...still moving but just shakes its head wiggles its comb and makes a nose blowing sound.

    Today my favourite chicken was breathing a bit with her beak closed and it sounded like her nose was whistling (like how a humans nose whistles if its got some snot in there)...then she opened her beak ever so slightly and started breathing through her mouth.

    Is that normal? Should i be concerned? These chickens are driving me nuts.

    I use play sand in my coop....i have read its ok to use but i have also read its not good to use....ugh....

    Is MINUS 25-30 here right now. I have 2 heat lamps in their coop....i am desperately doing everything i can....i clean their coop DAILY....

    Maybe i can get a video tomorrow.

    Please help :(
  2. Cragg Klefor

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    Hi Shaneensmith,
    Can you pick this chicken up and have a look down her beak and in her nostrils. I would wonder is there something in there partially obstructing her air flow.
    I have one chicken who does the head flick and air blow through the nose - she has a blockage in one nostril which I can see from the outside but have left alone as she gets by fine without my intervention (so far anyway..).
    I would think it is normal for chickens to sometimes give a head shake and even a quick blow through their nostrils to clear them, but it's always best to check them out to be sure.

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