Head-Start Fieldtrip.


12 Years
Today we had about 12-13 kids come to our farm for a fieldtrip! It was so great. We all made a single file line into the chicken coop and I walked up and down the line with two girls under my arm. Nadine and maggie, and every kid pet both of them and felt there legs It was great every one of them loved it! I tell ya, those other chickens were sure scared. my little leghorns, booked as soon as all those kids showed up. Then we went and planted radish seeds, each in a little pot so they can take them home and grow them for themselves. They got an organic apple in a compostable bag and went on thier way. It was great, i love seein those little innocent faces learning about farming. We have about 9 different classes K-2 coming in 2 weeks, we'll have little chicks then so those kids are going to be so excited. Just thought I'd share.
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