Head start on bird dog training?

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Chickengal505, May 8, 2011.

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    Jan 4, 2010
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    About 6-7 weeks ago my pure choco. lab had 13 puppies with a Black Lab, Rottie. (or something) mix. The runt, Lillian, has kind of grown on me. The mutt in her is so deluted I'm thinking of using her as a bird dog. Problem is, I don't know how the heck to train one. My dad, is not impressed with her at all, in fact he tried to switch her collar with the little female he wants [​IMG] problem was, "his" puppy was so much bigger than she was I could tell it wasn't her at all. Anyway, he has alot of experiance with breeding hunting dogs, and picking the best puppy out of a litter. But I've spent every day of these puppies lives with them, and I believe she will make a fine bird dog. I need some tips to get a head start on her training. I know I could ask my dad for help but I want to prove myself as much as I want to prove Lilly. Any bird dog breeders out there want to help me?
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    We have a bird dog but she is an upland game dog. A Viszla. But my husband used this method
    and it seems to have worked really well.
    We also used tips from this guy, he has several other books too with labs and water dogs. Im not sure what kind of hunting you plan on doing but I hope this helps. It was his first time training a dog and she is really good.
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    Yes, I do it for a living. With a flushing dog, start with your basic obedience, a good class will do you wonders. You need a really good recall, sit and heel.
    Do you have access to training birds (pigeons and quail work best with young dogs?). You will want to introduce her to birds (I generally with young pups (7/8 weeks) try them with a dead bird, let them get a feel for the feathers, toss it and encourage them to bring it to you, when they do, don't take it from them right a way, praise them with it still in pups mouth.
    That is a lot to start with, but enough to get you going.
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    Jan 4, 2010
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    Sense she's a lab I'm planning on using her as a retrever, I'll try to get some kind of bird carcass. The puppies are just now becoming active, so we'll start with small things the cat brings up, mice birds that kind of thing, justlet them fool around with it. I'm working on just basic bonding right now.
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    [​IMG] Id like to do this someday so im going to be following this thread. Keep us posted how she does. I would ask your dad why he thinks the pup he wants is better in his eyes. Start the basic training now and have fun.

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