Head stuck in wire--Not Good!

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    Dec 17, 2015
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    I had a problem that I am hoping if I tell about someone else will not lose a chick. My run is constructed with dog kennel panels. I put chicken wire around the outside perimeter 18" up and 18" out. I then put lattice fence around the perimeter 18" high. My chicks are 5 weeks old. I let them out in the run and somehow one of them got their head caught in the wire, probably chasing a bug. We found her dead and since nothing could get in the run, I can only deduce that she killed herself in the wire. I hope that this will help someone not lose a precious chick. Thanks.

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    I am so sorry for your loss
    I had a almost full grown duck run into a fence and must've snapped his neck or something and was attacked by ants.
    We are just never there to help them before it is too late!!

  3. So sorry.....they are curious and into everything. I was using a dog crate for a brooder and had cardboard about one third of the way up on the sides to keep in shavings. One of the chicks managed (3 week old I think it was) to get wedged between the cardboard and side of the crate. If I hadn't heard it peeping so loud, it probably would not have ended well. Thanks for the warning.

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