Heading for heartbreak as illness hits,


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Oct 7, 2010
Conroe, Texas
Saphire has taken ill.

I noticed she was going down yesterday evening when I let them out to free range.
She would scream or caw really loud and have difficulty breathing. She was having difficulty passing an egg.
This morning she is congested and sneezing. She is breathing better but still has that congested sound.
She passed the egg as I no longer felt it and there was an egg in the nest box.
When I went to seperate her from the rest she pooped a light green runny poo with white and yellow colorations mixed in.

She is the second hen in a week to get sick.
I lost Dotte who had similiar symptoms, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, some gurgling sounds. The decision was to cull her versus risking anyone else getting infected.
Unfortunately by the time she sneezed the flock was already exposed.

At the beginning of May I went to a Tradin Day in Conroe. There were some folks with not so great looking stock there. I did not buy anything but am suspicious now that I may have unwittingly brought home cooties none the less. Am I experiencing a slow moving case of CRD? Am I going to loose all of my flock or is there a chance that some will not get sick and become carriers?

The other possibility is that some feed went moldy where it fell on the ground and I did not see it. The spot was in some tall grass where the feed got damp. Some of the chooks ate this. As soon as I saw what it was I seperated it from them with a cage so that they cannot get to it. Our mulch pile is easily accessible to them. Could this be from them eating moldy food? I feel bad about this mistake as I hope I did not cause them to be sick.

Some of my chickens are more pet than anything and I will be heartbroken to loose them. Others are for eggs, meat, and was hoping to be able to sell some on the side. However, after reading some on these types of illnesses I am looking at a closed flock?

Tried calling around to different vets to see if anyone would look at my sick hen. Kept getting the same response of No we do not see chickens.

Any feedback or advice would greatly be appreciated. I am heading to the health food store to find some active apple cider vinegar. I do not know if I should try antibiotics as I do not know what the actual cause of the illness is or what it is. At this point, I want to keep anyone else from getting sick. What are the best measures I can take now? The coop is cleaned daily and has a sand floor.
sounds like it could be a respiratory infection, look it up in the search for lots of info and treatment plans, ACV will help to boost her immune system, but you may need antibiotics, good luck
I had the same issue during the winter... I ended up getting some tylan 50 fm our co-op and giving it them directly into their mouths via a childrens medicine syringe. I did this for a week once a day and they got better. I think I did .5 cc for full size chickens...
Look up infectious bronchitis in chickens.. Or respiratory infections in chickens.
ok thanks, I will try the Tylan if I do not see her improve in a few days.
Just slathered her up with the VetRX. That stuff even opened my sinus.
Saphire was not happy about it.
Before I treated her though I treated everyone else as a preventitive with it. They all have shiny combs n wattles but are giving me stinkeye for making them have the smelly stuff on. (it actually smells nice to me though)
Fixin to add the ACV in the coop waters. Gonna leave the outside waterers with plain fresh water. Also picked up some stuff called Cock Booster that is formulated to give chickens a boost in their immune system with vitamins n supplements. Figured I would mix some in their feed.

If I am doing all this at once will it be too much? I just don't want anyone else to get sick.
I have never used vetrx and dont know what ACV is. Pls tell me what that is and what does it treat?
I've used sulmet in water but have to get rid of the eggs for 2 weeks after I think. Do u have to do something similar with that stuff?
Have your hens tested! Please just trying this antibiotic and that one does not do any good and sometimes actually hurts your hens. I had crd. in the form of ms. in my flock. I now have found out that it responds to Denagard. Please look this up and read about it. I did not know about it earlier and lost my whole flock. Good luck with your babies. Gloria Jean
Saphire is showing some improvement from the VetRX as she is breathing better, stomping around in her pen, giving me dirty looks, and she crowed!
Yes she really is a girl so this threw me off. She is really upset about being seperated.

I do want find out how to get mine tested. Vets won't mess with chickens here. I really wanted someone that can do blood work to tell me what I am dealing with.
Call your agriculture dept in your cty. They can give you a name and num to call. I am in NC so it would not help to give my testers num. to you. good luck with your hens. Gloria Jean

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