Heads up on Farm-Tuff Top Fill Poultry and Game Bird Waterer, 5 gal.

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  2. Setting the waterier on a slant or sharp angle will also allow air to flood in and allow the water to gush out. You should also keep in mind where the refill hole is because when you don't have a perfectly flat or level surface on which to set these kinds of fountains the water may not last till you close the coop back up. Always set the fountain with the refill hole in the lowest position relative to the center of the of the Earth.
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    Explain please..... I can’t picture what you mean by this...
  4. Surface tension is what keeps the water from flowing out as long as an air tight seal is maintained in the fountain. If and when more air enters the fountain the water will only flow to such time as the water blocks the orifice or hole that water runs from the reservoir to refill the drinking portion of the fountain. The same thing happens when the cap is lose and unlimited air is allowed to enter the water reservoir part of the fountain. If from carelessness or inattention the fountain is placed at an angle where the water in the drinking portion of the fountain can not block unlimited air from entering the water reservoir portion, the fountain will gush water until it is empty. Capisce?

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