Heads up! Scovies have to go ASAP


12 Years
Nov 3, 2007
podunk... I mean Wabash, IN
I just posted in Craigslist, IN. Ft. Wayne and also in BYC's
Other Poultry - For Sale - Please check out my posting
In a nutshell : $30.00 for 7 Drakes and 9 Ducks/hens. Pick-up Only!
I really do need to reduce our flock. With One thing and Another, time has/is getting away fm us and we don't even have time properly send these guys to freezer camp.
They are becoming much to much for me to handle on a daily basis & my other critters are suffering for it.
We are reconsidering raising Scovy at this point though I told DH I'd like to at least keep two or three girls for pets... and maybe a drakelet incase we change our minds next spring.

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