Healing a plucked chicken


Jun 12, 2018
Seneca Falls, NY
My chickens like to find escape holes in my pen. When they get out my dog sometimes finds them. She picks them up and Carries them around the yard.

My Chip chickens was found yesterday being carried around the yard giving the chicken a mud bath. Sadly in during this chickens trip around the yard almost all the of the feathers on her back half had been plucked.

Being as it is now cold out she is now inside and getting treatment.

This is the area I am working with;

I washed her up last night and let her dry over night. This morning I started treatment with Vetericyn and an essential oil mixture that is diluted in water 4 oz. Essential oils I am using is lavender, orange, lemon, and copaiba. These are suppose to be good for feather and skin healing and one for helping with pain.

I figured I would share the healing adventure.

Lacy Duckwing

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Nov 6, 2017
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My Coop
Don't worry, they'll grow back in no time! :hugs

Here's something good to do if you can: Lock her up in total darkness. That'll help her to feather out faster because she's not laying eggs. ;)

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