healing lacerations / eye injury, herbs?


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so about a week ago, i walked out towards the barn, where the coop is (about 300 feet from the house) and came upon a broad-winged hawk sitting on top of one of my silkie roosters, holding it by the head. the hawk flew off when i got closer, and right away i saw all the blood on my rooster. i picked him up and brought him inside, rinsed him off. it was hard to tell at first what exactly was injured. he lost a lot of feathers on his neck and head, but the main injuries are to the right side of his face; he got a deep laceration above his eye, that seems to have split the eyelid in two? not sure how else to describe it. there were other smaller lacerations around the eye area, and his actual eye was an odd color, didn't seem to focus on anything, etc.

i rinsed his face, disinfected, and then just let it be for the night. for the next few days i rinsed that side of his face, used a mild wound ointment, gave him garlic to eat. the whole thing scabbed up and swelled his eye shut. still, it didn't look infected, and he never stopped eating or drinking, and within 2 days of being in the house he was waking us up crowing
he seemed to be acting completely normal.

we put him back in the coop after 5 days inside. the other silkie roosters picked on him a bit at first but things seem to have settled down. he won't come out of the coop, he is still cautious. the swelling has gone down and you can see his eye again (though it doesn't look "normal" and i have a feeling he may be blind in that eye now). he has had some leaking of clear fluid, and there are still scabs, but it doesn't look infected (at least not to my somewhat untrained eye).

the question is: is there anything else i should be monitoring? and any foods or herbs i could give him to help with healing?

thanks in advance!!

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