Healing sick rescued hens, will it ever be safe to bring them into my home flock?


Sep 24, 2020
I rescued 3 hens from a ranch, and I discovered they had roundworm, were covered in stick-tight fleas, and scaly leg mites (treated with piperazine, poultry dusted, and got rid of the fleas and mites). The buff orpington became lethargic with a pale comb, not walking, and runny white/yellow green poops. I medicated them all with Corid for coccidiosis, treated her legs further, and though she is completely emaciated with her bones sticking out, her energy miraculously bounced back and is eating a lot. The lavender orpington had been pecked at pretty hard and her feathers were greasy and dirty, so I gave her a bath and pulled out more stick-tight fleas and she perked back up--her feathers are already coming back in. They are all doing a bit better, but not totally healthy yet. I'm still treating their legs for the mites, giving them grower feed and mealworms, and they are on their 2nd week of quarantine.

I have not done any fecal testing to see if or what other illnesses they might have. The local vet will not do fecal float testing without examining the animal, and I can't afford to do every test to search for illnesses.

My question is: will it ever be safe to incorporate them with my home flock, who were raised in my clean backyard and have never been ill? I am worried the ranch flock might have other diseases, like salmonella (from my understanding, this can go without symptom). I eat the eggs, and I have a rooster with plans for chicks. I don't want to put my home flock at risk, and obviously I do not want to get sick from the ranch chicken's eggs! What do you think?

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