Healing time for duck's leg


11 Years
Jan 5, 2009
New Hampshire
About a week ago I found my drake with a swollen, very warm leg with no weight bearing. I believe that he got his leg caught between the water bucket and the cord of their heated water bucket. How they do these things - who knows? I am pretty sure that he sprained the femur/hock(?) joint. He has been taking warm tubs for PT and iced the joint within the first 24 hours. So if anyone out there has had this happen - how long did it take to put weight on it? How long until completely healed? Thanks.
It may never heal. It may heal up. Only time will tell

We have a "Handi-Quacked" Pekin female, almost 1 yrs of age. Her legs were fine when we got her as a duckling, but either she didn't get enough nutrients, or she did something to her legs in the brooder.

We don't know what happened. But now both legs are deformed, large joints, and her feet/legs are turned inwards. It doesn't seem like she is any pain. She does wobble around and will use her wings to help her walk. She can't stand up, so she's very low to the ground.

She goes for swims as PT, and she gets Brewer's Yeast in her feed, mixed with plain yogurt(to help the brewer's yeast stick to the feed) and treats. Of course, she HATES to be by herself, so we just give all 9 duckies the "special" food.

Hope your guy gets better.
I posted this inquiry within the past couple of weeks, but could really use some help from the "ducksters" out there. My drake, a 2-yr old blue runner duck has been non-weight bearing for almost two weeks now. The "hock" joint is very warm and swollen 2x the size of the other leg. I took his temp this morning and it is slightly above normal. He has held a good appetite since the initial injury but today seems a bit "down" - moderate activity, little appetite - even when I put his girl in the tub with him. He has no interest in playing or even being vocal.

Can anyone suggest a boost for his system, antibiotic or can an antiphligistine/poultice help?

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