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    I need some educated advise.
    I just spoke to a friend of mine with a question on framing on my coop. He got rather upset when he heard that I was going to have chickens in my yard. His wife and I socialize together often. He started asking me if I was aware that there is a bird-flu epidemic. He then said that having birds in my yard was a bad choice since I would be putting my children (15 & 16) in danger. He went so far as to say that his wife should probably not get together with me in the future. He went on about the food the chickens eat as being full of hormones to make them lay without having a rooster. This is not a man that I would have ever considered "doom and gloom", but he is adamant about the health issues. I would never wittingly do anything to place my family in danger. This conversation has me very upset.
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    Hi Homecatmom - this was my answer when this question was posted some time back:


    My answer to anyone asking me if I'm worried about getting bird flu - "Yes, I'll worry about that - right after I finish worrying about:

    1. Car wrecks
    2. Plane crashes
    3. Heart Attack
    4. Cancer
    5. Hurricanes
    6. Flash Floods
    7. Tornadoes
    8. Earthquakes
    9. Acts of Terrorism
    10. Acts of Violence

    Because my odds of dying from one of the above are higher than my odds of dying from bird flu"

    Honestly, I really don't worry about any of the above or germs in general. I travel for a living, fly, use public restrooms, sleep on hotel pillows, etc. etc. I don't bleach everything, I don't use hand sanitizers and I am NEVER sick, NEVER been sick - NEVER a cold, flu, headache. Praise the Lord. I've got better things to do with my time than worry.
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    First of all, chicken feed is NOT full of hormones and hasn't had anything like that in eons. Hens do not need a rooster to ovulate, and that's what an egg is. Do YOU need a hubby to produce eggs? Heck no! The man is being ignorant of the facts of life.
    Second, we are NOT having a bird flu epidemic, the H5N1 hasn't even been found in the United States. And we don't handle our birds like third world countries.
    This kind of garbage makes me so mad-what an idiot!

    I need to add that I feel much more scared of catching something awful from the children at the schools where my DH works than from my chickens; Much worse, TB being brought in by people from other countries. Diseases that we thought had been eradicated rearing their ugly heads because other countries don't have the same disease controls that we do and are coming here in droves. Nah, catching something from my chickens isn't even on my radar. Education would shut his mouth. Ever notice that the most ignorant are the most vocal? Someone said once that, "It isn't that she doesn't know anything; it's just that so much of what she knows isn't even true"
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    Please give me his name and address, I'd like to send him his trophy right away...

    Dumb A** of the day award.

    This highly coveted award can only be won by those who are uneducated, ignorant of the facts, do not have their feet planted in reality but think they know everything. [​IMG]
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    Lets have a poll.

    Of the 3658 registered members of this site, who has gotten the bird flu?

    Not me.

    anyone else? Yay or nay?
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    Me either![​IMG]
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    Even if bird flu were an issue in this Country if you keep your birds in a closed pen, away from wild birds, it theoretically wouldn't be an issue.
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    Fences make good neighbors, or is it good neighbors have fences. I'm confused...Again![​IMG]

    Oh Yeah, no bird flu here either! cough cough spew spew
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    Does chicken pox count as a "Bird Flu"?
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    If the neighbor in question is looking for an informed response-- here it is.

    1. There is NO bird flu in the U.S.

    2. For bird flu to catch hold here there would have to be a global shift in migratory bird patterns.


    4. There are NO poultry suppliers in this country who are legally able to import stock from an area of possible infection.

    If he has any doubts, tell him to contact the Avian Veterinary Medical Association or better yet UC Davis Livestock/Poultry Division (they should have a stock press release or something.)

    I have worked in the veterinary field for 16 years, The last 2 years for an Avian specialist. I KNOW all the possible diseases humans can catch from birds- and if your flock is well cared for the disease risk is far less than what he might pick up on his shoe (or shoulder:lol:) walking through a park.

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