Health issues, deaths, breed related?

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    Mar 18, 2012
    We have a chick struggling. It breaths faster than normal, has droopy wings, and less desire to walk/run. One foot has crooked toes. Not sure if the toe thing is new or we missed it.

    It is about two weeks old. It eats, drinks, and poops normally. It isolates some, and goes with the flock some. It does not perch, and vocalizes very softly.

    We purchased six of its breed (Dominique), three died in the first week. Two deaths were unexpected in seemingly healthy birds, and the third had (lethargy/no eat/isolation/panting) for a few hours before death. A fourth developed impacted crop in the first week, but we were able to remedy it and its looking healthy again. The fifth is looking sick, which is the subject of this post.

    Of the six Dominiques, only one has really looked healthy the whole time. However, we purchased 9 other chicks of different breeds at the same time. They are raised in same environment and none of them have had any health problems and all look healthy.

    Three days ago, we started the water with antibiotics and "chicken gatorade", you know the vitamin electrolyte mixture. The amounts are carefully measured and are correct. This action followed the three deaths and the fourth chick having signs of sickness.

    Pictures can be sent if needed.

    What else can be done? what is wrong?
  2. I don't know what to tell you on your chicks but I would like to ask how you treated a chick for an impacted crop? I've wondered, from time to time, how I would do it if it happened and you're the first person to actually say you've done it. Can you share please?
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    It sounds like those particular chicks were unthrifty for some reason.... Anytime I see chicks act unthrifty I start them on Corid, or you can use Sulmet if you can't find Corid, as coccidiosis can bring a chick down quickly.
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    Mar 18, 2012
    Quote: The crop was getting larger for about three or four days. It finally was large enough where something was definitely wrong.

    We first isolated it overnight with water but no food. It stayed just as full, this confirmed it was plugged.

    My wife massaged the crop several times a day for two days. She tried giving it a bit of oil, and water with weak ACV. This did not work. The chick finally was getting wobbly and it looked like it was on its way out.

    I turned it upside down and squeezed its crop several times to empty it out. I alternated squeezing with giving it water. The chick was not being good about clearing its throat of vomit, so immediately giving it water in a dropper helped clear its throat.

    Upon inspection, it looked like the vomit had bedding (pine shavings) in it.

    It looked better the next day, and seemed to make a full recovery in two days.
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  5. Thank you very much. That will go into my files.

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