Healthiest breeds


Mar 9, 2018
Hey im a very anxious pet owner in general and i wanted to ask if there are certain breeds that due to genetic modification for egg or meat industry have more health problems than others since then id avoid buying them (i dont deal well with pet sickness of death)? Like so far i have some new breeds i want and i want to make sure none of them are unhealthy. We do eat our chickens eggs yeah? Just we are small family and if good layers will be unhealthy it isnt worth it! Thanks
I'm no expert, but I didn't think it had to do with what breed, it is more along the line of hereditary issues. Chickens can be very healthy if treated right, fed right; watered right, etc.
But even if you have the cleanest environment, the best feed, and you treat your chickens with the best of care, anything can go wrong.

If it's not a respiratory infection caused by a dirty coop, it could be a laying issue which has nothing to do with how they are cared for.

And if it is not any other disease or problem, it could just be hereditary.

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