healthy birds dropping dead or becoming..

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    May 14, 2012
    first up i have not brought any new birds in i also have a very large coop and 20 birds mainly bantams and young birds just under 6 months 2 geese and 2 ducks all of whom were raised together as soon as they started getting feathers. i feed once a day 4 buckets of food.i do not use pesticides and i live in the country but there are no chickens or coops for at least a 15 minute drive.

    recently however i have had birds simply dropping dead i will go out and find them dead obviously not for very long as they are not stiff yet at least not all over.

    a few days ago i caught a barred mix limping falling over and seizing she could not put weight on one leg at all. i looked at the leg and it seemed to be fine no bites no cuts and i have nothing she could have fell from in the coop. when i picked her up her head went back and she had another seizure and both legs started kicking at the air. i separated her from the flock and gave everyone antibiotics and washed my hands before and after touching the barred hen.

    yesterday she appeared to be doing better, standing, no seizures only a minor limp today i went out to check on her in the quarantine pen and found she could not move her wings her chest was stiff but her legs were working her neck was pulled in close her eyes were bright and clear and she wasnt breathing heavily this is a bird under 6 months old.

    i cleaned her up then cleaned myself went into my big coop and found 2 birds dead seemingly no cause... crops were empty they hadnt been pecked at one was laying in the same position as if she were sitting on a nest while the other was in the door way splayed out wings unfurled legs away from the body and neck pulled in the doorway is not a normal place to sleep...and if she had just died i wouldnt expect her to be in that position. now the chests, wings and part of the necks on these birds were stiff and the legs were not. i tried taking the sick barred to the vet but they "do not work with disposable livestock" -.- they are my pets...i hadn raised all of them so its depressing to see thing happening and knowing the vets dont care not even those specializing in livestock who would rather treat large mammals....

    ideas on what this could be and how to treat it?? all of my birds have shelter from the elements i am kind of wondering if it could be a snake bite?? but i cant see to tell if anyones been bitten

    5 bantam cochins, 2 d'uccles, 1 minorca, 1 jersey giant, 1 wyandotte, 1 turken, 1 silkie, 2 ameracaunas , 2 ducks, 2 geese & 2 barred.. all of the chickens except the turken are around or just under 6 months old.
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