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    This post is brought to us by our sponsor DBC Ag Products. Thank you for your sponsorship!


    Raising backyard chickens, or other poultry, can be a rewarding family experience, but it requires daily attention to keep your chickens healthy and to protect your family. Starting from the day you bring home your new chicks throughout the rest of their life, your birds are under constant exposure to harmful pathogens and internal parasites that can wreak havoc with their digestive system.

    Their digestive system is the first layer of defense against intestinal disease and a healthy digestive system is important for maintaining an active immune system, fueling structural growth as well as producing high quality eggs. Unfortunately, pathogens and parasites can have dramatic impacts on poultry health and performance. These impacts include reduced growth rates, fewer eggs produced, increased medication costs and death loss.

    Knowing that it is once again spring and soon baby chicks will be arriving or are at home, it is time to start thinking about how to keep your new arrivals and your current flocks healthy and happy. Since prevention is the best approach to protecting intestinal health, it is important to not only know what can cause problems in your backyard flock, but also to keep up on the latest thinking on being proactive in helping your birds battle harmful pathogens and internal parasites.

    What Pathogens?
    While there are numerous organisms that can cause just enteric disease, others can impact multiple body systems as well, including Salmonella, E. coli and clostridium. In fact, Salmonella can also impact you and your children’s health by causing illness in humans too. Not only does salmonella cause disease in your birds, they also shed the organism into the environment where other birds and even people, can become infected. According to the CDC, in 2012, there were over 400 cases of salmonella in humans (over 37% were children) that were attributed to backyard poultry raising. Focusing on improving digestive health is a key step to keeping your backyard flock and your family healthy.


    One of the best ways to help your flock stay healthy is to establish key management steps to prevent pathogens from causing harm in the first place.

    First let’s focus on potential external sources of infection. Disease can be transferred between birds and with the purchase of new chicks or new older adult birds, start by quarantining new arrivals from the rest of the flock for 4-6 weeks. This gives you plenty of time to determine if they get sick and prevent them from making your flock sick.
    Your backyard flock can also be exposed to pathogens via their water. While providing fresh, clean water may seem like enough, taking the extra step of sanitizing the water and waterers can eliminate unseen pathogens that could cause harm. Ask your local feed dealer or online supplier for the newly introduced Oxy E-100 to begin sanitizing your poultry’s water today.

    After sanitizing the water, look for all-natural supplements, that when added to water, provide a comprehensive approach to improving intestinal health. Research has shown that adding targeted proteins (to address salmonella, E. coli and clostridium), probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and yucca to your flocks water every day can dramatically improve intestinal health and improve your birds ability to fight off harmful disease. Newly launched HealthyFlock™ Tabs includes all the above ingredients and with just one tablet in each gallon, can help target pathogens, reduce shedding of those pathogens and aid in improving intestinal health.

    What Internal Parasites?
    Internal parasites, better known as worms, can also impact not only your bird’s health and performance but can lead to an unsightly discovery in the poultry yard, coop or in worst case scenarios, the egg. Roundworms, tapeworms, thread worms, hairworms and caecal worms are the most common in backyard flocks. Anytime your birds are out on dirt (after the last frost in spring and until the first hard freeze in the fall), they are at risk for picking up a worm infestation.

    Currently there are no commercial dewormers that are approved for water administration in laying hens. Fortunately, now there is Zyfend™ A, an all-natural, safe, non-synthetic water supplement that has been proven successful in large organic and natural certified layer flocks at offsetting worm related issues and with no egg discard necessary, you and your family can continue to eat the eggs!

    Establish a routine program using Zyfend A to address worms and reduce the impact a worm infestation can have on your backyard poultry flock.

    In closing, a healthy digestive tract leads to healthier, happier backyard flocks. Focusing on these three areas can contribute greatly to your desire to produce healthy, wholesome food for your family and make it a rewarding experience for all.

    For more information on how Backyard Chicken™ products and backyard chicken raising tips, go to or contact us 717-509-5724.

    Backyard Chicken Health Pack was developed by DBC Ag Products – specialists in innovative natural solutions designed to overcome nature’s toughest animal health challenges. We have been providing products that improve bird health, productivity, egg quality/safety and most importantly, effective salmonella control programs in commercial laying operations for over 25 years. The ingredients in Backyard Chicken Health Pack are being proven every day in millions of chicks, pullets and layers, including their organic and natural certified flocks.
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    How often shud u worm poultry if wild birds get in at there feed
    And my chooks often get dirty beaks is it ok to flake off this muck from scratching and being a curious chook
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    What does, "offset worm related issues" mean? I haven't read one website that says it removes worms, just "offsets" issues.
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    What about mites on baby chicks that are only four weeks old?
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    You should not allow wild birds into the chicken feed. This can cause major disease out breaks in your flock, some of these diseases being deadly.

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    So, we feature the article on the homepage, and then have zero input or response from the "sponsor". AKA- people who paid for an ad, disguised as an article. The least they could do is add to the discussion.
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    Thank you very much for your question and my apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We are a relatively new sponsor for and definitely new to "knowing where to look" for questions and comments. In order to help answer your question I would first like to introduce my company and provide a little regulatory background.

    DBC Ag Products is a small company based in Lancaster, PA that works with dairy, beef, lamb, kid, horse and poultry customers, both large and small, to develop innovative all-natural solutions designed to overcome nature's toughest animal health challenges. We have been providing all-natural products that improve bird health, productivity, egg quality/safety, help offset worm-related issues and most importantly, effective salmonella control programs in commercial laying operations for over 25 years. The ingredients in our Backyard Chicken Health Pack are being proven every day in millions of chicks, pullets and layers. This includes organic and natural certified flocks as well.

    We decided to develop and market Backyard Chicken Health Pack and its individual products so that backyard poultry raisers facing the same challenges our larger customers face, have access to the same solutions that they have been successfully using for years. It is our passion to help our customers raise healthy, wholesome food for families across the nation.

    Our all-natural products are all developed with ingredients that are approved for use under FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) guidelines. Just like all-natural "remedies" found in your local drug store aisle there are guidelines that you must follow for how you describe your product its use. Unlike an FDA licensed approve drug, that has cost millions to gain approval, FDA does not allow specific claims to be made.

    In the case of Zyfend(tm) A, "offsetting worm related issues" describes where to apply it in order to aid performance in the presence of worms and does not exceed the guidelines we must follow.

    This product was developed directly with a large customer who came to us needing a solution for their organic and natural certified flocks in order to address the performance and health issues they were experiencing due to internal parasites their birds were picking up from the soil. After using in several flocks they reported positive results to us, have expanded the use in more flocks and are informing other organic/natural operations around the nation of those results in order to help them address the same problem they have no solution for, until now.

    Once again, sorry for my delay in getting back to you and I hope this provides a better understanding to why we use "offsets worm related issues". Don't hesitate to reach out to me directly to discuss further. My contact information can be found via our website link located on our Sponsor Page and it would be my pleasure to speak with you.

    Have a great day and may all your birds be as healthy as they can be!
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    Oh and by the way Ashdoes, I love the Boston Terrier avatar......"Gunny", is our second Boston boy and we love the breed!

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