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    Aug 22, 2015
    helpThis morning my granddaughter's hen was fine and layed her egg and this evening my daughter noticed she was roosted and looked same as always but she had one eye closed. We opened it up and it looked ok. We couldn't see anything in it and it didn't looked scratched. There was no discharge or crust. She seems healthy. I did see our rooster chasing her around one of our pine hedges but that isn't anything new and he isn't very aggressive. Maybe she ran in a branch? Help please because she is one of our very favorite hens.We washed the eye out and put some terramycin in. She still opens the eye but quickly closes it and prefers to just keep it closed. We have sand in their yard and they have free range of the our yard as well. We have mulch they dig around in. They also have dirt bath they love. Starting to get worried.
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