Healthy Muscovy Suddenly Sick

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by HelloBlueSky, Sep 10, 2012.

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    Sep 10, 2012
    I've spent the last several hours going crazy on Google trying to figure out what is wrong with my duck.

    I rescued an abandoned duckling (Muscovy) back in July. He was quite small but in very good health. He grew rapidly, developed an awesome personality, and was doing wonderfully - until a few days ago.

    He randomly started to throw up his water and food. That lasted a few hours, then he was okay. The next day he drank water, chicken broth and Gatorade and seemed back to normal. Now he won't eat and he is very lethargic. He drinks often but won't touch anything we try to feed him. He'll look at it partially interested, and then turn his head. He didn't eat anything strange so I really have no idea what could have happened. When I say he was doing wonderfully until this happened - I mean it. He was the picture of health and energy.

    I know little about ducks except that I love them. I'm not someone who raises them or anything, I just acted out of concern for him being abandoned. If I seem utterly clueless, it's because I am. My sister tried a Molasses flush. He drank that up like it was going out of style. But we've noticed no improvement.

    My low cost vet does not treat ducks and I cannot afford to take him elsewhere. I feel so hopeless. Can anyone give me an idea of what might be wrong with him? Will feeding him Gatorade and chicken broth keep him from starving himself to death?
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    Where is he kept? Could he have gotten into something that is causing an obstruction? Is he pooping? The vomiting makes me think there may be an obstruction.

    What food was he eating? If the chicken broth is commercially made it probably has way to much salt in it for him. Try watering down his feed into a very thin mash and seeing if he will eat that.

    In the stickies (located at the very top of the duck forum just above the first thread) there are directions for a toxin flush. Maybe try that.

    Sorry to hear about your duck. [​IMG]
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    At this point I would soak some rolled oats (not instant, just plain rolled oats) in water and give him only the water. If your sister has already tried the flush, has he passed anything?

    It is also possible he has picked up a virus. In that case, supporting his immune system may be the best you can do, with liquid poultry vitamins, electrolytes and probiotics. The gatorade has other things in it that could be trouble, so see if you can use some plain pedialyte, or get the vitamin/electrolyte/probiotic mix powder that some feed stores carry, if possible.

    Otherwise, a little plain yogurt (a tablespoon) in a cup of water for probiotics would be good.

    Can you get him into a lukewarm tub, deep enough to float in? The warmth and gentle movement of his legs might help stimulate his digestive system.

    He may have ingested something toxic and if so, the flush may help move it through.

    Another possibility is an infection that he has hidden until now. If that is the case, oral or injectable antibiotics are probably needed. Even a vet without duck experience should be able to prescribe something. Feed stores also carry antibiotics. Wish I could give you more expert advice, but there are some posts in the archives that have covered that topic.

    Perhaps someone knows the links. I have to go take care of something (apologies).
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    Aug 29, 2012
    how is the little guy doin?.......a duck will never refuse small worms and crickets, dangle the worms in front of him if he wont eat them off the ground...maybe that will get him goin again.

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