healthy runt chick doesnt respond to sound!!!!!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by bald k9, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Sep 5, 2009
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    Hello my hen hatched her eggs and other hens eggs, on different days apart for about 4 days, then she left the nest and left 2 eggs there, after about 3 days i was going to throw the other 2 eggs away but i heard one peep, so i rushed them in and put them in a makeshift bator, it hatced the next day, real small but healty[not a bantie] then i noticed egg no 2 with a pip , so i left it and it hatched the following day, chick 1 is still smaller than chick 2 ,after they dried good i tried to place back with hen but that didnot work at all she puff up ant went after them chicks and started pecking very aggressive like ,and drew blood on chick no2 so i brought them in and now they are in a brooder, but chick 1 doesnt respond or hear me when i walk into the room and talk to them , chick 2 chirps like crazy, but chick 1 just stands there, but it does respond to me turning on the light, and when i pick it up it does the normal chick stuff, , but if it is sleeping when i walk in it stays sleeping til i try to pick it up , could i have a deaf chicken? and will it catch up with chick 2 about twice chick 1 size thank for any input

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    [​IMG] Sure sounds like it. And it could catch up, I had a friend who had a deaf chicken and she did just fine.

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