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fatboys farm

10 Years
Oct 3, 2009
Franklin GA
I messed my intro up. Im from GA @ my name is fatboy. I freqent the chicken auction in ALAbama. Jessie Bryant got me started with French Black Copper Marans. Im trying to mix a sexling with a French Black Maran to get a XXlarge dark chocklate egg. PS yall have cool names M to the Maxx thats what im talking about.
from NJ
justmeandtheflock Hi Most people dont care for chicks like we do.I see chicks often that are abused or at least under fed @ watered. Not on fatboys farm.
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Im tring to pair a red sexlink hen @ a french black copper maran rooster together. The sexlink lays a xxlarge egg and the maran lays a very dark egg.

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