Wonder if they cleaned them up? God Bless them
That is just heartbreaking
This is so sad and awful to see.
If I lived near to the ocean, I would be helping those birds in a minute! (I'm a wildlife rehabber as it is.) I hope this is cleaned up as soon as possible, and as many of the victims of the oil spill saved as possible.
i posted that link on my facebook page earlier and had to take it down because i could not stand to look at it anymore. it is breaking my heart. it is just so sad. no way can we continue to drill offshore. it is just not worth the risk.

and i hate the way the BP dudes look on tv. they are so cocky and care more about not losing oil than not losing earth.
Makes me sick litteraly sick. I live on the Gulf coast, nothing hear yet, but when it gets here I will be ready.
I wonder how far this ban on BP I see going around is going to get. I hate to see that ad as well
and to think drilling is still being considered.

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