Heartbroken and feeling very guilty.


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
We went away for the weekend and I did what I always do. Put my goats, Oliver my wether and Sweet pea my doeling into the small but super safe pen. I removed their collars and linked the collars to the fencing like I always do so that the collars would be handy to put back on the goats when I moved the goats again. My mom came to feed and check on them both days we were gone.

Everything was fine when we got home last night and the goats were happy to see us! I put their collars on and moved them into the barn for the night. I forgot/didn't even think about removing their collars.

This morning I went out to let them out and saw sweet pea with her collar stuck in a notch on one of the boards. I don't know how she managed to get her collar up there. It wasn't even that high. JUst high enough to pull her collar up and cut of her air supply. her front feet were just a few mm from the floor.

She was already gone.

I feel so bad. I had the urge to check on them last night as I sometimes do and I decided against it. I was right out by the barn locking the chickens up and decided not to peak in. I assume she was in that position even at that time because this morning she was cold and rigor mortis had already set in. I feel like I could have saved her.

I am just devastated. We loved this friendly little goat.

Learn from my mistake, do not put a collar on your goats. Accidents happen.
I am so sorry! I know that was horrible to see. After loosing one animal when i didnt listen to myintuition I always go y what my gut says.

That happened to one of my little girls this past summer

Luckily we took the collar off the other one , and the next week she kidded! Didnt even know she was prego!
I am so sorry for your loss.

I have had that happen too, but with a dog who hung himself and my uncle had a horse that got his shoe caught in his halter and broke his neck struggling.
I have felt lucky. I have had animals my whole life and have lost almost all to old age. When I was a kid my dog got hit by a car. But other than that we have not had anything so devastating happen. We pride ourselves in the care we provide all of our animals. Just a few weeks ago sweat pea was really sick and we rushed her to the vet on a sunday.

SO when something like this happens it makes me rethink owning animals. We love them so much and put so much effort into them that the heartache is just too much.

Also now I am left with a lonely little wether. He is just out there crying. When we first got goats everyone said that you should have 2. Now poor Ollie will be alone maybe forever or at least until next spring. He doesn't do well alone. Even when I would take sweat pea aside to do her feet. He would cry if I didn't let him out to be near her. They were very bonded.

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