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    I just really need some reassuring words I guess... yesterday evening right before putting my lovebirds up for the night, I got that dreaded phone call... it was the neighbor, her dog had gotten out & got 1 of my babies. I ran out there, scooped her up... there was blood everywhere... I rinsed her off to access the damage & rushed her to the vet. Her head, chest, tummy, wings are all ok. 1 of her legs got biten, but nothing is broken... & the top of her tail is pretty messed up. They were going to stitch her up, give her some anibiotics, & keep/watch her over night. I've cried until I'm completely out of tears... she is baby, I love her so much. I don't want her to be miserable, in pain... I don't wanna be selfish if it's her time to go. But from experience... what do yall think? Is she going to be ok?
  2. How sad for you.....I know how much you love your Ducks.....

    Ducks are pretty tough and heal pretty fast......Wait to see what your Vet tells you this morning....The decision to put her down will have to be yours.....I hope she recovers quickly .....

    Best wishes and Big Hugs!

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    Seems to me she is lucky there was a para-medic on hand....YOU!!!.. to get her to the vet. [​IMG] Good chance she'll be ok, fingers crossed for quick recovery.[​IMG]
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    I know how you feel . When I was maybe 9 a friend gave us these dogs, but they tried to attack the ducks, so thy were kept in cages mostly. Then one got out, attacked the rouen, she wasn't hurt to much but she died from shock. Then they got out again, the duck that was my favorite was torn to pieces. We had one one duck left, poor thing, I remember her quacking for her friends. We tried to keep her with the chickens we had but those chickens were bullies and wouldn't let her stay. We put her back in and a couple days later my mom came and told me they had gotten her, I was heart-broken. I hope you have better luck!
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    I hope she recovers fast ! Make sure that your yard has a fencing so that the dog can't get in.
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    The vet see the her home this evening! She has some of her spunkyness back which is awesome! She is drinking & eating catfood. She has tried to walk... but the DR. Said the bit was in some muscle so... it would take a little bit to fully recover. All of the wounds are on top- which means I fection shouldn't be a big problem since she won't be laying in poop or anything. She of course will have to be isolated from her hubby for awhile but I did let them see each other for a few minutes. She should recover fully with lots of love, care, & prayers! [​IMG]
  7. Poor thing.....Pat her for me......

    Best wishes......

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    @flossyfelix Bless her heart and yours. It is amazing what they can live through. My prayers are with you for complete recovery.

    I hope the neighbor took care of their dog too. It will be back.

    Did the vet give any type of antibiotic salve or spray for her wounds? If not Veterycin spray for wounds and infections is a real good one TSC carries it. Keep the flies away if they are out already.
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    Thanks for the report. How awful! Yes, the dog will try again, so you need to assume they will, and protect your babes.[​IMG]
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    @Miss Lydia Yes, we have oral antibiotics & spray it's Veterycin Plus I think. I have her isolated in a wire bottom pin, slightly off the ground do the poop will drop & she won't be laying in it.(she is laying on a towel her butt is just hanging off.) --what do I need to do about Felix? Should I put him in a separate pin beside her or just leave him in the normal pin & supervise visitations thru the pin? They love each other so much... But I don't know if it would comfort them or stress them out trying to get to each other?? What should I do about that?

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