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    Today was in the 30's (Celsius-I'm in Australia) and my chickens are free range. Most of them were sensible and went and hung out under a big tree for the day where I had placed some feed and water stations but some refused to leave the hot shed and we're open mouth breathing and had their wings held out. I picked each one up and took them outside under the tree and they pretty much went straight back to the shed. What does everyone do to keep their chickens cool I'm the hotter months?
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    Welcom to BYC! We glad to have you in BYC!
    I live in Israel and we also have hade a hellish sommer! We had to deal with 32-39C' for weeks!
    The thing that I use to keep them from it:
    1. Give them extra cool water containers.
    2. Change the water at list twice a day.
    3. It is very very important to give them electrolytes in drinking water they reduce the heat stress load.
    4. Construct extra shade corners.
    5. Give them access to sand bate in a shaded corner, it keeps them cool
    6. Give them "chicken -sicles " popsicles made of water fruit,vegi,seeds mixed in a plastic cup and frizzed. thy like it!
    See pic!

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    I water my plants and they play in the water it helps keep them cool. They like foot/mud baths, i also turn on a sprinkler when i can for the plants and them.

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