heat and delayed feather growth

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    I know if I put my chicks outside early when it is cooler, their feather growth is quicker.
    Does it work in the reverse?
    My current chicks are on our back patio at night and in the yard during the day in a pen (or with supervised run time). It has been in the mid 80s pretty much since we got them, so other than at night, they are really only getting warm temps.

    Will that slow their feather growth?

    does it also slow their body growth too? They still seem so very tiny at 2.5 and 3.5 weeks
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    Yes. You see it all the time with chicks brooded indoors under heat lamps. Keeping them constantly warm will slow down the rate that they feather in.
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    Many of us have begun, over the last year, to brood outdoors under the heating pad system, and yes, we have all noticed significantly quicker feather growth.

    I have two-week old chicks that have been outdoors under some fairly cool temps, high 30s at night and 50s and 60s during the day. Their wing feathers at day twelve reached the end of their bodies with the start of "epaulets".

    I haven't seen any increase in body growth, though. Over all the years of raising chicks, they all pretty much double in size each week regardless of the ambient temps.

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