Heat and egg color?

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    Just curious about this and wondered if anyone else has experienced it. We have a Welsummer hen who is just over a year old. She has always laid the most beautiful dark brown eggs with speckles. A few days ago I noticed she laid a pure white egg, and then in the next few days they have gradually darkened, although one had white calcium like deposits on it instead of speckles. Today she laid a light brown egg with speckles. She is eating and drinking and acting normal, but seems to prefer her own company instead of running with the flock, but she has always kind of been that way. The heat does seem to bother her, and it has been in the high 80's to mid 90's here for the past couple of weeks. She had Wry Neck as a chick but recovered quickly from it thanks to vitamins. We have another hen laying thin shelled eggs, which makes me wonder about the heat having an effect there too. The flock free ranges and has free choice oyster shell, though I have never seen them eating any, it does eventually disappear. They have been on Oregano oil in their water for the past week to ten days. They are not on any Layer feed right now because we have young pullets. Any thoughts?
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    Sounds like her shell pigment gland had a hiccup. ..may or may not have been related to the heat (or any number of other things).
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