Heat bulb Red vs. White

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    Jan 24, 2014
    Not sure but this may help someone. We received our chicks last Friday( Californian whites) we only had a 250w white buld on hand so thats what we used. Tuesday we got a 250w red buld. From what we have observed going from white to red is the chicks seem more calm. With the white they were restless and very noisy. Now with the red they make almost no noise(just peeps) and we see them resting more also.
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    We had a better experience last year with red. We had started with red and it burned out, our local TSC was out of their bulbs so we went to Petsmart and bought a replacement. The chicks just about drove us crazy at night and would NOT calm down.[​IMG] They were in our master bathroom, with the red bulb we had been leaving the lights on with the heat bulb during the day and then just the heat lamp at night. Needless to say, first thing the next day we went back to the store and bought a red bulb and like you noticed, they calmed down. [​IMG]

    This year I bought 4 bulbs...we will not be making the same mistake twice! (Plus the price difference between a 2 pack at TSC and 1 bulb at the pet store was ridiculous!)

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