Heat bulb ?


12 Years
Jul 31, 2007
Sanford N.C.
I have chicks that will be 5,6,and 7 weeks old Saturday and it's time to get them out of my house. They are some dusty little creatures aren't they. They will be going into the big girl coop which is 4x4x5 ft high. With temps starting to climb I was wondering if I needed a 250 watt heat bulb or would 125 do. Our Purina dealer only has 250 in red so I would have to get the 125 watt red bulb from somewhere else. Also they have been under a regular 100 watt white light, should I go ahead and get a red one or stick with white. Thanks
I only use 100 watt bulbs to give them something to snuggle under if they get cool during their introduction to outside, as long as they are fully feathered.

they only need a little EXTRA heat, since in SC I will assume not getting down to freezing temps at night, so I would stick with the 100 watts, till you notice they are not staying under it then you can take it away, the older ones may not need it now.

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