Heat exhaustion

aj hutch

Jul 16, 2016
I was at a friend of mines house today when she found her chicken to be just about unresponsive.
We researched what to do and did the following treatment: feet in cool water, spray misted cool water on her skin and gave her some electrolytes, non forcibly.
Hours later the hen still seems to be in not good shape. Her respirations are normal, but she doesn't seem to be coming back. Anybody else had this happen to them? What should we expect over the next few to 24-48 hours and is there anything else we can be doing for care and treatment?
I'm so glad you found her in time. Heatstroak is a very dangerous thing, and it can cause permanent brain damage if it lasts too long. In this case, your friend's hen may turn into a special-needs girl. Keep her hydrated, feed her vitamin rich foods, keep her neither cold nor hot, provide a clean, soft place for her to rest and try giving her time. Hopefully she will make a full recovery, but she might always have some issues physically and mentally.

Best of luck for you and your friend! Feel free to ask any further questions!

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