heat here in the Eastern U.S.- how much is too much

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    Jun 29, 2011
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    its gettin hot in here.... or so outside. This week we will have 97 degree temps with heat index to 105-110. Girls have access to outdoor run which is shaded and gets good breeze, if there is the wind, which there has been. any suggestions for cooling and any help witht he nightime temps. We are going out of town for 5 nights and have neighbors helping. Have an automatic door opener but I'm still worried while we are away....what is too hot? I have frrozen water bottles in freezer....put them in coop at night or in run during day? I'm worried about my girls. They will be 16 weeks on Monday. Thanks to anyone.
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    Jun 5, 2011
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    We use a fan aimed on the run during the hot days. Not an option if you are out of town, so I would say have all the vent windows open, use the ice in their water if someone can do that for you, and change the water daily. As long as they have access to shade, and dirt to dig in and cool off, they should be good.

    too hot for one breed may be good for another. It is always good to see how yours react on a hot day. See their behavior and try to keep them under shade. If ours ore out of the covered run and in the sun, they head back into the run. We don't let them out unless we are there wit them but they know when they are hot and where to go. Sometimes the coop is their refuge of choice as it is fully shaded for most of the day. We have not done the ice in the water, but do occasionally give them watermelon.

    A covered run has been our biggest asset, I believe, this summer.
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    Our temps are over 100 degrees here, even hotter with the heat index, and I have already had 2 near heat strokes. Caught them just in time. That is with misting their coops at least twice per day.

    Ice in the water, fans, wetting the ground for them. Putting frozen water jugs in their coops for them. Frozen fruit that they can eat. I think they just put water in the fruit and freeze it.
  4. Hottest day we had this summer was 121. We had two weeks of over 115. I have some Cornish x's that had a hard time but everybody made it through, thanks to wading pools, shade and fans. Lots of fruit treats in the afternoon.

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