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    Oct 2, 2012
    Hello. I know this is a huge debate. But I live in northern Ontario Canada and want some silkies. Our winters are -40 Celsius. Although our coop will be well ventilated and insulated I want a bit of heat to keep the girls comfy but not heat the entire coop. I have seen the chicken chick pushes the. COzy Coop flat panel radiant heater....opinions????would any flat panel radiant heater work as well?
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    Hi, welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    It is my understanding that Silkies are not as cold tolerant as other chickens. Do you currently have other chickens and know how they are fairing in that weather?

    I haven't seen the panels Chicken Chick advocates. But I have seen some people use a heating pad in that same fashion on the wall behind the roost. I think some people have even used heat tape under the roost.

    But this product being made specifically for this purpose could possibly work better/safer. On the Amazon reviews, one has your same temps and says it does not heat the coop put does provide a place for them to warm up. Here is the link. With the ratings on Amazon being descent, I probably would try it.


    Silkies are fun. Best wishes!

    (insert freezing emoticon here... those are some cold temps, brrr!)

    ETA: I am in the no heater camp, but doubt silkies will do well at those temps.
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