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Nov 16, 2009
Is there a way to salvage the meat? We have been checking about every hour or two...would you go ahead and butcher if you know it was the heat? How long would be too long? It seems like each time we have lost another or two......its almost 7 p.m. and we are still reading 110.
We have misters, sprinklers, water/water/water going and its just not cutting it.
Sorry you're having such a rough time. I wouldn't see any problem with eating the meat. Hopefully some other Texans will jump in with a solution.
Typically, heat when cooking (140 or above) will kill all bacteria. Therefore, in theory, if your chicken meat has any disease/bacterium it will die when cooked. Be very careful during handling, and don't sell this batch or give to others, and you should be fine.
Well, we did what we could with those that died today as we topped 122 where we are. We lost a turkey, 8 quail, a couple Rhode Islands, 3 Buff Orphingtons, I stopped counting on my Barred Rocks..................OK....CAN SUMMER NOW END?????? At this rate I won't have much left.
Oh my gosh! 122 degrees! and I thought our 110 days last summer were hot.

We used misters last summer, and I thought it might have helped.
I am so sorry for your losses, and so early in the season!

I hope all your temperatures are milder, here on out.
It got to 110 here today and I am so glad my husband installed a window swamp cooler it the chicken house. I have fans in there also. I am really sorry your chickens are dying from this heat. Poor little babies
122? That really puts a damper on MY whining about our heat. We typically get a couple of weeks of 100 degree days. I am sorry about your birds and hope it cools off soon. Good luck!
Hey--sorry about your losses. I don't know how many you have left, but a couple of things I do when it gets really hot here (nothing like you, but up to the 105 range here in San Diego):

I freeze gallon jugs of water then put them out in the coop for the chickens to lay against. The same water can be refrozen over and over again--I rotate jugs--and they love their ice blocks!

Keep some sandy ground wet that they can lay on or dig in, for evaporative cooling

My daughter fills a wheelbarrow about half full with water and stands the chickens in it a couple at a time. They hang for as long as they want--their legs, bellies, and tushies get good and wet, then they hop out when they want and just drying out helps them to cool off. We've only got nine chickens, though, so this is manageable.

Good luck, and my prayers for a cooler rest of the summer are with you...

Someone suggested ice... 2 liters filled with water and frozen then placed in the coop... for them to cuddle against when needed... haven't tried it myself, but others claim it helps. I figure maybe it's worth a try... got some Coke, but we have to drink the stuff first!

If they aren't gone long I don't see how it would be bad... so long as they're drained well... isn't that the whole point of the cone method??

Best of luck!

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