Heat lamp and bantam Cochin mom


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Apr 29, 2012
Central New York
I have a small cochin mom with 13 chicks. I have had the heat lamp on them since I got them, half are three weeks old and some are four. The chicks were supposed to be split up between two hens but one wasn't interesed. I don't think all of the chicks fit under her at the same time, should I keep the heat lamp on? I hate for her to have that light on all night long and I could really use the room for another broody hen who has been sitting for 5 weeks. I finally broke down today and bought her some chicks of her own because I can't keep her off the nest.
A mama hen does not need a heat lamp at all. All it does is keep the mama warm. The mama keeps the chicks warm with her body heat.

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