Heat lamp & nearly a fire - Alternatives?


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there has to be a better, safer alternative to a lamp and 250 watt bulb - Has any one purchased a Brinsea brooder? Or build a brooder using 2 regular bulbs... Would this provide enough warmth - yet prevent a fire if knocked over? Thank you.
I know, lose sleep at night worrying about fires. We have one lamp that clips on and one that hangs. I like the one that hangs. I make sure it is very very secure.
I have my brooder lamp attached to the stand of a regular floor lamp - its completely suspended and away from anything that could catch fire. My chicks live in plastic boxes - but if you're using cardboard, it might be more of a concern I suppose.
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Being human nature, folks usually wait til the last minute to prepare, or just grab the heat lamp at TSC when buying their chicks, also on impulse, in many cases.

There are bulbs, some with thick, sturdy glass, in various colors and wattages, that are much safer than the ultra-thin glass on the typical 250 watt, red heat lamp. It just takes a little shopping and time to find them.
Brinsea Ecoglow! I got my first ever chicksthis Spring and bought lights etc. and became paranoid. Got the ecoglow and they LOVE it. I only have 8 chicks and they are now 5 weeks and a little big for it. Peace of mind is so worth the extra $

I am building a brooder and a hover based on Robert Plamondon's writings. The hover will use two lamps at 2 sides of the hover, could be a total of 250W or 125W depending on the season. I am just starting (barely) but intend to have a commercial operation in the future, (years from now).

I don't have anything to say at the moment based on experience, (i don't have any), but Robert said he started with a few birds and now has hundreds of layers that produce eggs all year round for his eager customers.


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