Heat lamp placement in winter

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  1. hockeygirl56

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    Apr 21, 2011
    Allenton, MI
    I live in Michigan and its not winter yet but I'm trying to plan ahead. I have a heated base I plan to put my waterer on, and I have a heat lamp I plan to use on the super cold days. My question is, where do I aim it? I have a low slanted ceiling (they're in a leanto) so there's no head space to hang it over the roost...is that where you normally aim it or just generally in the middle of the coop? I'll just need to put a board on the wall to attach it to so I'm trying to figure out the best place to put it. Thanks!

  2. frostbite

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    Sep 27, 2011
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    No worries. You shouldn't need it. Keeping the water drinkable, and adequate ventilation to get the moisture out, and your birds should be fine. Look at the wild birds in your area. When it's super cold, they don't even have a coop, but they fluff up their feathers (that's what down coats are!) and they do very nicely. Check out this thread for more answers

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    Hi from Ga. depending on how many chickens you have you might create a 3 sided cover enclosure big enough for the chickens to gather in for the heat. maybe put it at the end of the coop so it won't block the flow of things . If the chickens want to use it they can and if they don't thats up to them. [​IMG]
    We don't do it for our birds .The last 2 years it got down into the mid teens. I laided awake many a night worrying. But there is a lot to say for piece of mind so go for it.
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    Apr 21, 2011
    Allenton, MI
    I should add that I only have 6 chickens and my coop is 6x14. Here's a pic I took to give you kind of an idea.

  5. Fred's Hens

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    Also in the Mitten, up north. Don't use supplemental heat. No real need. The area's turkeys, sparrows, grouse, partridge and other birds have nothing, not even a nice coop and they do just fine. They are out of the wind nicely, and have lots of heavy feathering and down. The like the deep straw, but still dust bath in the freezing cold sandy dirt in the barn.

    When the sun shines, I let them out, even if it is zero. They need the photo reaction and the Vitamin D. I use over sized heated dog dishes. Into the dog dishes, I just set a small plastic bucket of water. Really like to re-use the ice cream pails. Easy to swap out. Do the cleanup indoors. Like to have a few of those pails.
  6. featherz

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    Upstate NY checking in here. No need for a heat lamp. I also use the heated dog dishes, but other than that my birds did fine last year in minus double digits and your coop looks much nicer than mine. [​IMG]
  7. Quote:The best placement is in a box in your basement! Seriously, you don't need heat just draft free living, I live in NH and leave my cop open all day. I do place plexglass on 3/4 of the run to keep out the wind, and my run is covered. The chickens get locked up at night and have a nice 2x4 perch so they can keep their toes warmed at night. Never had a problem [​IMG] Farmers never heated their flocks. It is important to note that you should also have breeds that do well in your area.

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    Mine is up in 1 corner with a red 250 watt heat lamp. There needs to be enough room for them to get out of the heat also if it gets to hot. Heat lamp also require that there is a couple of vents to exhaust the heat too from the brooder. The vent only need to be 12 X 6 on hinges. Do not forget to put a cover of screen to protect your birds over the opening when it is open to protect from any predators.

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