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should I put a heat lamp in my chicken coop?
Short answer: no, never.
Longer answer: very few regions of the world require supplemental heat and when they do, there are far safer heat sources. What you need to strive for is a DRY well ventilated coop with a draft free roost area. Birds are well equipped to keep themselves warm.
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Ditto what Dobie said.

Where in this world are you located?
Climate, and time of year, is almost always a factor.
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should I put a heat lamp in my chicken coop?

If you're brooding baby chicks: yes, until they have a nice set of feathers.
After that, no.

(Chicks need a heat source: heat lamp or brooder or hen, but only one of those.)

For adult chickens, most places on earth, their own feathers should be enough as long as they have a roof and a few walls to keep wind out.
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Here are some questions to answer to give more information:

How large is your coop?
What do you use for bedding?
Does your coop have any sort of ventilation?
Is the door shut at night to keep warmth in and predators out?

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