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    I am thinking about getting some fertile eggs and hatching them out. I know the chicks will need heat lamps on them once they have hatched. How long do baby chicks need to have heat lamps for? And does the heat lamp stay on 24/7? I have a broody that I was going to have hatch them. Would it be better once the chicks hatch to allow my broody to raise them up or should I take the chicks away? If I allow my broody to raise them will the chicks still need a heat lamp on them. I am new to this aspect so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    If your broody raises the chicks she'll take care of keeping them warm. No heat lamps required. If you raise them yourself they'll need the heat on 24/7 until they're fully feathered. The first week you want it to be 95 degrees at chick height, then each week you lower the temp 5 degrees by raising the lamp farther from the chicks.

    My chicks are 4 weeks old, but I still have the heat lamps relatively close to the floor in their coop -- during the day things warm up considerably so the chicks are everywhere at once (except under the lamps), but at night it's getting down into the 20s and they still need to huddle close to the heat.
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    Those are some really good question for the experts... which I'm not but they do need light 24/7 but need to be able to get out from directly under it if they are to warm. I don't know how you would get the broody to take them but I'm hoping someone will chime in any moment now.....[​IMG]

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