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Nov 19, 2012
Hello All its almost that time......

I have to offer heat packs. I carry them in 20hr, 40hr, 60hr and 72hr. Please understand the smaller the hr the hotter they get but faster they burn off. Depending on packing methods results will vary but you can expect: a 20hr will begin warming within 5mins and can raise temp up to 20' within 7hours (the peak) and a 72hr will begin warming in 18-24hrs and normally can only raise temp 10-15' within 24hrs (the peak). A very popular option for many is going to be the 40 HOURS HEAT PACK ACTIVATE IN APPROX. 40-50 MINUTES. THE SURFACE TEMPERATURE IS APPROX. 110 DEGREES AT ITS PEAK. IT RELEASES STEADY TEMPERATURE AND PEAK OUT BETWEEN 17 TO 19 HOURS. For example someone from the northeast in winter may want to opt for a 20hr to help eggs to not freeze till they are loaded on a plane and then in the same box use a 60hr to get the eggs to there destination.

When using heat packs unwrap at an appropriate time (think about there peak times and where there going), shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds to get that chemical reaction going, then they should be wrapped in a single layer of newspaper (to much oxygen = poor performance, if you have ever gotten a heat pack that is hard upon arrival these were normally exposed to much oxygen) and then taped pink stripe to the inside to the lid or side of your box this will give a better ambient temp and not create dramatic hot and cold spots.

I can mix and match HRS in a shipment. These can be used to ship chicks, eggs or anything perishible. Bulk pricing is available inquire. PM me with your zip code and qty for exact shipping rates. I will normally ship these out within 24-48hrs, if you need sooner contact me. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

20HR HEAT PACK $2.00ea
40HR HEAT PACK $2.50ea
60HR HEAT PACK $3.50ea
72HR HEAT PACK $3.50ea
Order 20 packs get 10% off
Order 40 packs or more get 15% off

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Grr I answered this yesterday sorry i must of had bad reception. They are all new for this year and I do need to go pick up more 40&60hrs on Tuesday so if your looking for several let me know

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