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    Just went shopping for mister ideas--home depot here is out of mist appliances so we went next to Northern Tool off I20 & Great SW Pky. Got a cool (literally) mister attachment that zip ties onto a fans wire front for 12 smackers! Bought their small black wire front fan for 29, and walked out with a non-oscillating outfit for under 50 bucks!
    The mister might fit any fan like a box fan or other you have already. We only had a big box fan but for garage cooling, so another fan was needed. Works fabulous! might sit with chickeys just to enjoy the mist myself!
    thout you all would want to know! here in Texas, we are losing animals, and some people due to the intense heat. Ya'll be carefull out there!
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    My coop is maybe 125ft from the water source, and when I set up the mister, it delivered so little water that the water was scalding hot by the time it got there. Just the sun on the hose, I suppose. Be sure to check the water coming out. My girls were all hiding in the coop when I got home that day, and when I went to move the mister, I realized that the water was uncomfortably hot to my hand. In fact it was too hot to even move the mister to a new location.

    It has been over 100 here for 3 days and going to stay hot for several more. I have a fan in the coop window that is reversible -- in during the evening and night and out for a short time in the morning. It has made a huge difference at night for them. I also have a little sprinkler that I'm running on really low so they will have a place to wade.

    Egg production has tanked. I was getting 5-6 a day from 6 girls, now 2-3 (same 2-3 chickens laying).

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