Heat stress And a protein study

Discussion in 'Quail' started by Buttercup Chillin, Jan 22, 2011.

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    Well, I can't find the Emergency list thread. What you should have on hand in case of Emergency for the quail.

    But here is the study on Vitamin C that shoud go with it. Expianing how Vit C Helps in hot weather.

    I am still looking for the Feed study that showed High Protein Low Protein in Hot or Colder climates. Sorry didn't favor it. But it showed there was a need for lower protein in colder weather. To build up a fat layer for you northerners.

    Here it is:
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    Just feed a good quality Game bird feed, and forget about all the "EMERGENCY" stuff. Even Kirk, said....shut off that "Dam..." alarm.

    It's not really HARD!

    It's not!...no..It's not. Not hard at all. Not really hard...etc...
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    For Added Help In Times Of Heat Stress Vitamin C And E Is Proven To Aid The Animals And Bolster Laying Rates
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    The reason I raise the species that I do. Texans have been warned to expect increased summer heat on a yearly basis and its getting colder in the winter here. (For us anyway). We don't have much of a winter. YET. I am expecting hotter summers in future years and am trying to prepare for it in advance. Trying to learn what the birds will need. Because its getting hotter in the summers and further north too. We need to pay attention to our climate, because its changing all over the planet.

    This year the sun is expected to send out more flares. So who had birds 11 years ago when the sun was in this cycle? I didn't have them then.
    Only thing I remember was the phone system and computer systems were really messed up. It took the sun flares a few minutes to mess it up, but weeks for us to get things back to normal. In the mean time you'd be talking to someone in Indiana and all of a sudden talking to someone in Alaska or South America. Remember? What went on with the birds then?

    Protein: What we need for our birds here in the south is not necessarily what people in colder climates need. This has been studied repeatedly and continues to be studied.
    The Coturnix were a migrating bird and still are on the other continents. But we gave up. We didn't bother to teach them the lay of the land or where they could migrate to to get what they need. So they study their dietary needs to try to give them what they need in different climates. I would rather they got them back in the air.

    Because our climate is changing and we need food sources to survive. Plants and animals. Have you noticed the birds that are migrating further north to escape the heat. Species of birds are now found in Florida and all along the Gulf coast for that matter, that have never been here before. Their going north or their going up mountains. Their patterns are changing, even birds that don't migrate are on the move.

    I know, I read scientific articles to much.

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