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  1. t-dawg

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    Jun 12, 2008
    Im just wondering, since it's summer, what would happen if i ordered chicks, and when the chicks are being shipped(they send a heating element in the box w/ chicks) will they die?
  2. Rhett&SarahsMom

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    May 8, 2008
    they wont send a heating element in the summer. And, depending on how many chicks you order. they may or may not send any extras.

    I got mine from Ideal and it was in the 90s. They shipped on a Wednesday and I got the call from the PO on Thursday morning. I ordered 10 chicks and that is what I got. All healthy, safe and sound.
  3. I think it's better to order chicks in summer than winter.

    I ordered from Welp in Feb. and had lots dead on arrival [​IMG]

    But I just got another order last week (its around 95-100 here) and all were alive.

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