heat tape and 5 gallon waterer?

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    i was reading the thread on waterers and the cookie tin heater and told my husband about it and requested him to build me one. he is some what helpful but the chickens are really my thing. he proceded to come up with ideas of his own. we ended up a TSC getting a bigger metel waterer and then to lowes to get heat tape(the kind for pipes in the plumbing section). so we are going to try taping with duck tape a 12 foot cord around a 5 gallon waterer. since it wount be really cold(5F at night) again for a few weeks, i was wondering if anyone else has tried it while im waiting for really cold temps. after we get it assembled i will take pictures. and ofcourse post my results after its cold enough to try it out. but i am dieing to find out from ya'll if anyone has tried it. i am trying to talk him into putting the tape around the bottom pan also and not just on the holder part. but he is assuring me we dont need to and that on the top part will be enough. [​IMG]
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    but he is assuring me we dont need to and that on the top part will be enough

    I predict he will be wrong about that since heat rises​
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    I made a home made water warmer from a 10" clay pot and a 12" bottom that fits nicely on the top. Inside I put a cheap 8" work light-cut a hole in the side for the cord and protected it with wire wrapping and a 100watt buld in the fixture. Then i strapped it to a piece of treated3/4" plywood about 12" x 12" (metal strap from plumbing dept. Then I put springs to make for east access on two sides. I am uploading pics and the cool thing is it keeps everything thawed at 15 degrees Fahrenheit and if anything ever shorts or catches fire it'll be short lived inside the clay pots. Everything cost about 25 bucks. Almost forgot-I put four little pieces of 3/4" as feet to keep the warmer from sitting directly on the ground...............





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    I agree, the base is the thing. Also, be very cautious about adding electrical gadgetry to metal water holders. We don't want you electrocuted, or the birds.
    Can you buy electric dog bowls? TSC and Walmart carry them.

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