Heated H2O Smurf Hut, by EastmanEggs

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    My progression:

    1. Water dishes.
    2. Water trough.
    3. Water bucket with undermount nipples.
    4. The Smurf Hut!

    Midwest, IL. Cold winters freeze the water, hoses, buckets, and spigots.

    My best setup so far:

    "The Smurf Hut" features:

    55g drum on blocks.
    Chicken nipples undermounted.
    250W submerged heating puck.
    No-roost cone.



    How To:
    0. Ensure floor can hold 600 lbs of dead weight.
    1. Set 4 blocks as a base. Stack square, 2 interlocked layers- Think Jenga.
    2. Set drum on top, mark where base disallows placement of nipples.
    3. Install nipples.
    4. 10% fill with water.
    5. Look for leaking.
    6. Fill.
    7. Cut out 30" radius semi-circle from bendable plastic. (Vinyl wall panel for mudrooms) $13 4'x8' sheet at Menards.
    8. Bend semi-circle to cone, top.
    9. Check for stability.

    :barnie STEPS TO AVOID. :barnie
    X1. Allowing the rooster to set a bad example and encourage 14 hens to roost on the barrel rim and poop into the barrel the day before building/installing- leading to rewashing, and the need for a no-roost solution.

    X2. Do not mount watering nipples at an angle to exceed 15degrees from vertical.
    Note: Do not attempt. For educational purposes only.

    The Crime:

    The Instigator:
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    Feel free to ask questions!
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