Heated Water Fount


8 Years
Jan 15, 2012
Hey everybody. I'm a new member here. I've been managing a small flock since I was about 11-12 years old. My chickens have never had a heated water fount before. So I decided to finally buy one. The one I bought was made by Farm Innovators. Has anybody used one of these waterers before? I have to say for the money I paid for this thing I would expect a little more quality. It keeps the water from freezing but what a piece of crap! The fill plug is on the bottom of the waterer. So after you're done filling it you get water all over yourself bringing it back to the coop and when you turn it right side up the bottom falls off it and your water goes everywhere. I knows this doesn't only happen to me out there. Is there a waterer that someone would recommend that fills from the top and is heated? Please let me know because this one is seriously getting ready to be kicked down the driveway to the garbage pick up!
Winter watering is one of the most difficult things about owning chickens. I have a few watering devices I use for winter that work well but if the weather gets extreme, the only thing that works well is a heated area with water inside.

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