Heated waterer (Farm Innovators) - have you tried?

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    So I have been thinking of the 3 gal heated waterer that apparently tends to spill. I only have 4 birds and so 3 gal seems like overkill.

    I noticed in Backyard Poultry mag that the same company makes a 32 oz heated water bottle (Model # HRB-20) This seems like a better size and more economical to heat. Has anyone tried this? It is recommended for rabbits and the like - can chickens use that kind of tube-style dispenser of water?

    Here's a photo from a commercial website:

    Thanks for any opinions.
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    Well, I don't see how the chickens will be able to get the water out. The waterer for my daughters rabbit has a ball in it that they bump to get the water out.

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    People do use that kind of fitting for watering chickens. I've never tried it myself so do not know how easy or reliable it is, or isn't, to get every chicken understanding how to use it. Try doing search on "rabbit waterers" or alter your post title so that is in your title and maybe you can turn up more info from people who've used that sort of thing (nonheated at least)

    Good luck,

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    Thanks, Pat.
  5. They make heated bottoms for any size waterer you wish to put on top of it. I got one at the feed store this last spring (sale).
    Here is a pic of it for ya:

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    Quote:I have used the rabbit bottles for my chickens, but in the tractor, outside, so it drips go on the ground. The bottle will drip a little and the glistening drops attract the chickens and they peck at it. The only problem is that chickens don't have lips so some water is wasted. If used in the coop you would want a shallow pan under the waterer.

    The kind of nipple show on the heated bottle is offered with one of the fancy shmancy chicken tractors. They install it on a heated bucket, hang it outside the tractor and cut a hole in the wall for the chickens to stick their head thru to drink. It is a delicate "nozzle" so a chicken can make it work.

    But, I've only used the water bottle with the double ball bearing tips.

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    Lee, thanks for your comments - helpful! I'm going to talk to my local feed store about whether it would be OK with them to return my 3 gal fountain in exchange for this smaller bottle, which might be a special order. The 3 gal seems just overkill for my 4 birds.

    I'm worried that the open pet dishes would get too much litter kicked into them? But on the other hand my current location for the waterer (on a narrow shelf) is fairly out of the way, so maybe that could still work.

    Thanks for the help!
  9. Lee

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    You're welcome.

    The one thing I've had trouble with open pet bowls is when sparrows use them they also seem to leave poop behind in the water. This doesn't happen when I use the fountain type waterers.

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