Heater element or the whole kit and kaboodle?


10 Years
Apr 14, 2009
upstate NY
I've been looking in magazines, but they seem kinda pricey $59.00 and up...that's the whole thing.

Any one have ideas of where to look. maybe TSC. But do they sell the whole thing or just the heater element?

Would the heating element be better than the whole thing?

Right now we use a medium size heavy duty black bowl from TSC. I was thinknig the sun's ray and the black bowl would work, but as the weather's changing, I'm realizing that I'm in a dream or something, b/c it gets pretty dang cold up here.... and our water will be frozen.

What does everyone else do? This is our first yr. with chickens and I wanna do it right...

For our rabbits, we've bought extra watering and just change them out. That seemed to work.

If you live in upstate NY you are going to need some method of keeping the water from freezing or you will need to go out several times a day to give them water. TSC now carries a 3 gal waterer with a built in heater. I used 2 last year with great success.
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I spent last night looking at waterers and feeders. Just look through the pages of 'managing your flock' and you'll find some home-made heaters that are much cheaper. There are even a couple of things on YouTube.

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