Heating coop?

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    Do you have to heat chicken coop in cold weather areas? Will the chickens be fine without it? Thanks
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    Jun 14, 2014
    Here is a great thread with all kinds of great ideas about getting ready for winter: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/920320/preparing-your-flock-coop-for-winter.

    This is my first winter with chickens, too. From everything I've read, most veteran chicken keepers recommend against it. Keeping the water from freezing, and the coop dry and ventilated (while avoiding direct drafts on the chickens) seem to be the most important things.

    Best of luck!
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    Ditto Dat^^^^
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    I would not suggest heating a coop, because of the fire dangers. As long as the coop is well insulated against winds and has ventilation they will be okay. Birds have adapted to surviving in cold climates, their feathers hold warm air pockets and the under fluff insulates their body temp which is around 100 fahrenheit.
  5. Ask yourself these three questions...

    1. Are all your birds cold hardly breeds?
    2. Are all your birds in good health, free of injury and not elderly or real young?
    3. Is your coop well ventilated and keeping the humidity below 60% and also draft free?

    If you answered yes to all three then it's generally not advisable to heat the coop...

    If you answered no to any of those three questions then you should fully evaluate your unique situation further... After weighing in all the variables unique to your situation, you can then make an informed and educated decision based on the pros and cons unique to your situation and setup...

    If you do heat the coop, do it properly and safe... Heat bulbs are near the top of the list of 'dangerous' ways to heat a coop, you should really consider below combustion point radiant heating sources that pose little to no fire risk if properly wired and installed...

    "Pig Blankets" like these come highly recommend by me, as they only get about 35° over ambient and thus never pose an ignition risk or even a burn risk in most instances...


    Also if your coop is not wired, use a good quality heavy gauge all weather SINGLE extension cord, stay away from the bottom basement light gauge cheap orange ones as they get brittle and crack in cold weather and are generally not a sufficient gauge to run a heating source over a long distance...
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